March 8th, Oulu, Finland

Game Audio Awards 2024

It's that time of the year again—time to celebrate the best in game music and audio!
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Game Audio Awards is the biggest awards event for game music and sounds in Europe! Our 9th annual gala will be held again in 2024 in Oulu, Finland. Welcome to celebrate the very best game music and sounds with us on March 8, 2024!

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Winners 2024
Best Game Music

Alan Wake 2
by Petri Alanko, Poets of the Fall – Marko Saaresto, Olli Tukiainen and Markus Kaarlonen

Best Game Sound Design

by Lukas Julian Lentz and Mikkel Anttila

Firestarter Award for Best Game Music, Audience Favourite 2023

Alan Wake 2
by Petri Alanko, Poets of the Fall – Marko Saaresto, Olli Tukiainen and Markus Kaarlonen

Firestarter Award for Best Game Sound Design, Audience Favourite 2023

Alan Wake 2
by Petri Alanko, Poets of the Fall – Marko Saaresto, Olli Tukiainen and Markus Kaarlonen

The Jury 2024
Salla Hakkola

Game Music

Salla Hakkola (M.M. Sibelius-Academy, Finland) is a multi-award-winning harpist-composer and performance artist, best known for her game soundtracks for the brands Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Merge Mansion. She worked for Rovio in 2011-2019 as a composer, producer and music consultant, composing music for games, the Angry Birds Toons –

animation series, trailers, artist collaborations, and the Angry Birds Movie (2016).

As a harpist she is a pioneer of the electric harp, touring with some of the most prominent rock / pop groups in Finland, using harp in experimental contemporary art contexts, and recording for various albums, including her own productions.

Besides game soundtracks, her works include music for orchestras, choirs, film, animation, theatre, dance productions and experimental collaborative events in avant-garde and underground scenes in Helsinki and abroad.

Since 2019 she has worked in her own audio company, focusing on game & film music, providing music for Supercell’s IP’s and Metacores Merge Mansion to name a few.

Her prizes include Game Audio Awards 2016 – best game soundtrack for The Fruit Nibblers OST; NYX Game Awards 2023; Grand Winner for the Best Music in mobile for for Merge Mansion albums; NYX Game Awards 2023 Gold winner for the Best Original Game Soundtrack for Friends & Dragons OST albums; and NYX Game Awards 2023 Gold winner for the Best Original Game Soundtrack for Friends & Dragons OST.

Orvar Säfström

Game Music

Orvar Säfström is a concert producer and writer, and a former film critic and television host, from Sweden. He has been awarded the Swedish film industry Honorary Award and the Swedish Gaming Association “Gamer of the year”. He has published several books on games and fandom through his publishing house Fandrake. In the symphonic world, Orvar is the leading producer of concerts with game and film music in Scandinavia, more than 100 productions with 35 orchestras since 2006.

Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg

Game Music

Two Feathers is a studio that specializes in music and sound for games. This composer duo consists of Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg, bringing their experience of working with a wide range of games and music genres, varying from successful indies to big-scale AAA-titles. While studying game development they planted the seed of Two Feathers in late 2012 and has since grown well known within the games industry through their musical works to everything from Legaue of Legends, Vermintide 2 and Angry Birds 2 – to indie successes such as Hammerwatch and Aragami.

The duo’s current highlighted works: We’re proud to have worked with “Metal:Hellsinger”, where we as a duo has composed all the music and brought on famous metal acts to perform on our soundtrack, such as the vocalists from System of a Down, Arch Enemy, Trivium, Lamb of God, Refused, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, Jinjer and Black Crown Initiate. In 2022 we personally performed the music from this soundtrack Live at Gamescom, with a few of the guest singers mentioned above performing on stage. This became Gamescom’s biggest concert yet with over 500 000+ watching it live on stream, and filling max capacity at the venue (around 3000 people). The concert was arranged by Funcom.

Sam Hughes

Sound Design

Sam Hughes is the Audio Lead at Metacore and has been working in sound for over a decade. Before joining Metacore, he worked at Remedy Entertainment with various AAA titles such as Alan Wake II, Control, and Crossfire X. As Metacore’s Audio Lead, Sam pioneered the studio’s audio and developed the sound landscape of the popular and critically acclaimed Merge Mansion mobile game. Outside of his day-to-day job, Sam also hosts The Sound Architect Podcast, where he interviews voice actors, composers, sound designers and other top audio professionals around the globe.

Mika Niinimaa

Sound Design

With over 25 years of experience in the field of sound design, Mika Niinimaa’s journey has solidified the belief that crafting sound is indeed an art. “Each project deserves dedication and love, as this approach reveals new details and nuances in the end result with every listening session.”

Primarily functioning as a sound designer, Mika also boasts experience as a sound editor. His work history encompasses a wide range of productions, from feature films to advertisements, games, animations, documentaries, and art films. Currently, a significant portion of his time is dedicated to international fiction productions. Additionally, Mika serves as a sound design instructor at the Turku Arts Academy and is a co-owner of one of Finland’s film mixing studios.

Joonas Turner

Sound Design

Joonas is a Sound Designer, Music Composer and a Game Designer at E-Studio who has worked on many games of various scopes and sizes. You might have heard his work on games such as Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Badland (1/2/Brawl), ScourgeBringer, Atomicrops, Tormentor X Punisher, Bleak Sword, Cult of the Lamb, Carrion, Broforce, Noita, or his latest project, Go Mecha Ball.

Dave Rowe

Sound Design

Dave Rowe has been in game audio for over 25 years, the greater part of it at Activision leading audio for the Tony Hawk franchise, the Guitar Hero franchise, and the Call of Duty franchise.  He enjoys taking the linear art form of audio and music and translating his cinematic approach to non-linear media. In his spare time, he enjoys family and golf, and hopes to one day play at Pebble Beach.