Thank you for attending Game Music Awards 2015 – we had an epic party at Njetwork Inn with over 150 people present! For the first time in our history the […]

The Best Game Music in 2015 is: 1st place: BGM15 Jonne Valtonen and Jani Laaksonen Mobile Suit Gundam : Sidestories Bandai Namco 2nd place: Retry Soundtrack Ilmari Hakkola (Ted Striker) […]

The Best Game Music in 2014 is: 1st place: Trine 2 Soundtrack Ari Pulkkinen Trine 2 / Frozenbyte 2nd place: Air Buccaneers Soundtrack Harri Karppinen Air Buccaneers / LudoCraft 3rd place: […]