?Best Game Sound Design: Infinity Ward Audio Team – Call of duty: Modern Warfare! ?Best Game Music: Joel Schoch – FAR: Lone Sails ! ? Firestarter award / Audience favourite – […]

Jesper Kyd is BAFTA award-winning and Billboard / MTV VMA nominated composer renowned for creating unique scores with a diverse array of live instrumentation and manipulated sounds. His original soundtracks […]

Jonne Valtonen is a classically trained composer. He has written concert- (orchestra), electronic-, game- and theatre music during his career. At the early age he worked in a famous computer […]

Paul Weir is a composer, sound designer and audio director known for his work in games, generative audio, radio and audio books. His last released game project, No Man’s Sky, […]

Mikko Raita is a Helsinki-based music and audio professional, who is also an avid gamer with C64, MS-DOS and NES/SNES roots. With a career spanning nearly 20 years, he has […]

Pessi Levanto is a noted pianist, arranger and composer of original music for films, television and the concert world. His works range from symphony orchestras to big bands, from chamber […]

Joonas Turner is a Sound Designer, Voice Actor, Composer and a Game Designer from E-Studio, Finland. You can hear Joonas’ work in games such as: Nuclear Throne, The BADLAND game […]

Did you make sound design or music into a game that was published during 2018? Submit your work here: Sound design category  Music category  Submissions open until the end of […]

We had an awesome gala with awesome international quests, thanks for everyone who showed up! And big congratulations to the winners! …AND THE WINNERS ARE… Best Game Music Jonne Valtonen  […]

Ilkka Väisänen is a Finnish sound designer, a musician and educator. His career with audio started at the age of four, when he saw the bright blinking lights of the […]