Joonas Turner is a Sound Designer, Voice Actor, Composer and a Game Designer from E-Studio, Finland. You can hear Joonas’ work in games such as: Nuclear Throne, The BADLAND game […]

Salla Hakkola is a composer, harpist and a performance artist who works with different styles of music and art. She has graduated from Sibelius Academy in 2006 and is now […]

Felix Diekhake is a project manager, sound designer and composer working at Dynamedion. Passionate about music from an early age, he has succeeded in turning this passion into a profession. […]

Milla Viljamaa is a Finnish musician, composer and producer known for her creative works in various fields of music ranging from folk, tango, rock, pop and chamber music to theatre, […]

Michael Schwendler is a composer and sound designer who has been a part of Dynamedions BOOM Library team since the beginning. After his studies of environmental science he started producing […]

Lauri Porra is a Finnish bassist and composer, best known for his work in Stratovarius and Sinergy. He has also composed music to numerous movies, tv-series and commercial spots. Lauri is a fourth generation musician, […]

Jonne Valtonen is a classically trained composer. He has written concert- (orchestra), electronic-, game- and theatre music during his career. At the early age he worked in a famous computer […]

Orvar Säfström is the leading producer of symphonic concerts with video game music in Scandinavia, with over 100 performances, several awards and the current audience world record for a game […]